The Blog That Started It All

JHC Home PageMy lectures, comedy shows, and books on Jewish humor all had their roots in a blog that I started in October 2009 and named Jewish Humor Central.

I have been searching for Jewish humor on the Internet ever since the Internet began. You would think that with so many Jewish comedians doing stand-up, TV, and films, there would be an infinite number of web sites with high quality Jewish humor. Well, there aren’t. Sure, you’ll find some sites with old Jewish jokes, books of Jewish humor included in Amazon’s collection, and some hilarious YouTube videos, but you’re unlikely to find a single web site that reports regularly on lots of funny things that are happening now in the Jewish world, and also comments on a wide variety of things Jewish that bring a grin, smile, chuckle, laugh, guffaw, or sometimes a sigh to readers.

That’s the mission that I undertook for  Jewish Humor Central ( Since starting the blog, I have been focusing on Jewish humor in many categories including jokes, stories, parodies, satire, legends, books, films, unbelievable but true happenings, and funny incidents in the news. Some are new, and some are classics. A few are not really funny, but thought provoking. The blog posts include my own comments, but generally rely on the links to tell their own story.

The blog includes items from religious and secular sources of all Jewish denominations, and I strive to keep the site family-friendly. I do not set out to mock or slight any group or subgroup but I can’t guarantee that people without a sense of humor will not be offended by some of the posts or links.

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